Ann Zimmerman

Ann Zimmerman sings the prairie into universal language. Her music celebrates the joy, sorrow, grandeur and silliness of life, especially life on the windy plains. She backs her rich voice with piano, guitar and the audience itself. Ann has taken her Kansas style across the Great Plains and beyond—to New York, Seattle, Boston, Texas, Alaska—and turned each audience into her backup choir. Blending old and new traditions with her own award-winning songs, Ann’s concerts tell stories and paint portraits, brilliantly-colored and unexpected, sharpened by an irresistible stage presence. She has released four independent recordings of her music.

Ann appears annually at the world-renowned Land Institute in central Kansas, and has entertained at festivals, farmers markets, fancy theaters, and smoky dives—singing a hundred dates a year. "Meadowlark," the title song from her recent album of children’s music was chosen as a finalist in the folk/Americana category of The Great American Song contest. Ann was voted the "People's Choice" winner in the Wildflower! Festival song contest near Dallas, she was a long-standing member of the juried "Kansas Arts on Tour" and Mid-America Arts Alliance rosters and was nominated for a "grass-roots grammy" in the Just Plain Folks national song contest. Sample her music at

Ann grew up singing folksongs with her Kansas family to the strums of her mother's autoharp. Besides recording, writing award-winning songs and playing concerts for all ages, Zimmerman is a professional mediator with a law degree from Harvard. Along with her husband, she runs a horse boarding stable near Salina, Kansas, her hometown. She’s been president of a Kansas environmental group, two regional mediators’ organizations, and her local League of Women Voters; she taught elementary school and edited a wholesale plumbing catalog. Says Zimmerman, "I’ve been singing through it all."

Ann's Albums

In addition to her newest album, Ann has released three other albums and two singles.



Ann presents songwriting workshops to students. Her focus for a one- or two-session workshop is on lyric writing, applying active and descriptive language to a tune to paint a picture for the listener.