Blue Wild Indigo (2004)

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Blue Wild Indigo

Annís new album number three, ìBlue Wild Indigo,î features Kelly Werts again working with Ann as producer and multi-instrumentalist. It includes 13 songs. Nine of them are written or co-written by Ann.

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  1. RealPlayer Windows Media Player Blue Wild Indigo [by Ann Zimmerman]
  2. RealPlayer Windows Media Player If I Had Been Beautiful [by Ann Zimmerman]
  3. June As June [by Ann Zimmerman]
  4. Exile [by Ann Zimmerman]
  5. I Know Where I'm Going [trad.]
  6. Not Far From Emmanuel [by Ann Zimmerman]
  7. The Inch Worm (from Hans Christian Anderson) [by Frank Loesser]
  8. Elmer's Tune [by E. Albrecht, S. Gallop, D. Jurgens]
  9. The Early Morning [words by Hilaire Belloc, music by Ann Zimmerman and Kelly Werts]
  10. Do You Know Jennie? [by Ann Zimmerman]
  11. RealPlayer Windows Media Player The Recycling [by Ann Zimmerman]
  12. mp3 Good Houses [by Ann Zimmerman]
  13. Lullabies [by Ann Zimmerman]

  • Ann Z: Lead & backup vocals, guitar, piano, hammer
  • Kelly Werts: classical and acoustic guitars, chimes, shaker egg, fiddle, penny whistle, hammer
  • James Albright: fretless electric bass, upright bass
  • Kelley Hunt: piano
  • Eric Corby: djembe, tambourine, brushes, Tibetan prayer chimes
  • Lindsay Ladman: oboe
  • Diana Werts: accordion
  • Dave Agee: tenor banjo
  • Matt Kirby: high hat cymbal, bodhran
  • Lewis Kollhoff: bird whistles
  • Backup vocals: Connie Dover, Denny Lowe, Lisa Harris, Larry Weaver, Melissa Atchison, Bob Atchison, five members of the Salina Childrenís Choir, fourteen members of the Salina Gospel Voices