“Ann is one of the things I miss about Kansas. I heard her four times live . . . and each time was magic.”

—Poet George Pasley, Ketchikan, Alaska

“She has the ability to seamlessly blend humor and sadness in that unique way that makes you want for more.”

— Singer magazine

“A compelling balladeer”

— The Wichita Eagle

“A soul piercing folksinger. Ann Zimmerman does it all in her superb blending of traditional and contemporary folk music.”

— Vermillion (SD) Summer Arts Festival Bill of Particulars

“Ann's compositions sink their teeth into your musical soul.”

— City Arts Magazine

“She makes me laugh; she makes me cry; not everyone can do that.”

— Harry Scholten, Vermillion, SD

Likened to singers Sarah McLachlan and Linda Ronstadt, Ann is a daughter of the prairie, a true Kansas treasure. Her easy-going delivery puts me in the middle of the Flints Hills where the breeze is blowing gently through the tallgrass, carrying her voice as clear and sweet as the spring air, and her guitar/piano accompaniment drifting effortlessly below.

— Don Koke, Iron Horse Music Hall, El Dorado, Kansas